Enlightenment, Essence of human life

Enlightenment, Essence of human life

Achieving enlightenment is the fundamental goal of human life. When did this world come into being? What is the primary cause of the substance? What is the connection between muscle and bone, flesh and blood, and so on, and how is the spirit separate from all this? Man must have knowledge of all this. (Rigveda 1/14/4)

The body of man is the greatest gift of God. According to the actions of previous lives, after wandering through many lives, humans find this body. The structure of any organism in the universe is not as perfect as that of humans. God has given a rich body to humans. Each part of it, each sense is unique in its functionality.

Many people accept this body as ultimate achievement and do not appreciate the need to think ahead of it. One cares for their body all the time, as they want to please their senses. Many people forget about the spirit that is embedded in it. People believe the flesh is human, but in reality the spirit is eternal. The body will be destroyed as God has kindly given it to us only for some time. It is only a way, a position of sanctifying grace of the spirit, by which one can achieve redemption by moving on the road to salvation.

What is the purpose of human life? Many people consider the conquest of heaven to be the only objective. Where is this heaven, though? It’s decided and produced by one’s state of mind. They make their way to heaven or hell by their actions and situations. It is important that they set clear expectations for their lives.

The only goal in life is to express one’s inner latent divinity and to question the true authority. The same God is in everyone, and he is the conscience of all. He is the giver of service, and he is in everybody. Each human being is the sort of a god, circumstantially deviating from his direction, deviating from divinity. Knowing this great truth, man’s greatest goal is to bring this divinity into his life.

This enlightenment cannot be accomplished without being sanctified by spirit, voice and actions. The mind is dynamic, it never remains empty, either it has a desire to experience wrongdoing, or it has a desire to spread the scent of good deeds. Such thoughts in the head control one’s voice, and they also impact one’s actions. Sacred feelings are triggered by self-knowledge.

Through renouncing the ego and acknowledging the existence of God in all beings of the universe with the feeling of “Atman Sarvabhuteshu,” an individual prevents immoral behavior and strengthens his spiritual qualities. That is the essence of human life. Achieving “enlightenment” is the essence of human life.

आत्मज्ञान प्राप्त करना मानव जीवन का मूल लक्ष्य है । यह संसार कैसे बना ? पदार्थों का आदि कारण क्या है? शरीर और अस्थि, मांस और रक्त आदि की क्या विभिन्नता है और इन सब से आत्मा कैसे अलग है ? मनुष्य को इस सब का ज्ञान अवश्य प्राप्त करना चाहिए । ( ऋग्वेद १/१६४/४ )

Vaidik Sutra