Shri Ram Katha

Lord Shri Ram, the epitome of righteousness, and his legend, is a divine consciousness that gives honour and dignity to humanity in the society. How can families be kept together ? How is friendship supposed to be? It is a divine tale that directs the religion of Swami - Sevak etc.

लोकाभिरामं रणरंगधीरं राजीवनेत्रं रघुवंशनाथम्। कारुण्यरूपं करुणाकरं तं श्रीरामचन्द्रं शरणं प्रपद्ये॥

Lōkābhirāmaṁ raṇaraṅgadhīraṁ rājīvanētraṁ raghuvanśanātham. Kāruṇyarūpaṁ karuṇākaraṁ taṁ śrīrāmacandraṁ śaraṇaṁ prapadyē.

Shri Ram Katha is the Katha of God Ram, who is the 17th of Lord Vishnu’s 24 incarnations.

The divine epics, such as Ramayana created by Maharishi Shri Valmikiji, and Shri Ramcharitmanas, compiled byGoswami Shri Tulsidas, reflect the life of Shri Ram. Valmiki Ramayana, highlights the human character of Lord Shri Ram and Shree Ramcharitmanas describes the human characteristics and doings of Shri Ram.

Shri Ram Katha is believed to be first, narrated to Parvati by Lord Shiva, which was also heard by Shri Kagabhushundi as a crow and was further narrated to many,including Lord Narayana’s vehicle Garuda.

He narrated Shri Ram Katha to his disciples and he also began to promote Ram Katha. Thus, the promotion of Shri Ram Katha began to gain prominence.


What does Shrirama katha teach us?

Shri Ram Katha’s greatest lesson is how good can defeat the evil if it is strengthened by unity. Sri Ram Katha teaches us the way through every circumstance that leads us to a perfect life.

There are seven khands in Shri Ramcharitmanas which are Balakand, AyodhyaKand, Aranyakand, Kishandhakand, Sunderkand, Lanka and Uttarkand, respectively.


Difference between Ramcharitmanas and Ramayana

The difference between Ramcharitmanas and Ramayana is highlighted by Goswamiji in the following analogy. Ramayana means "Temple of Ram, house of Ram.” When we go to the temple, there are many rules, bathing, being cleansed and going at a set time.

But; when we go to a lake, there is no condition, no restriction. Whenever a person is dirty, he goes to the lake to be cleansed. Therefore, those who have been purified should go to Ramayana and those who want to be purified should look for Ramcharitmanas.


ānandakānane hyasmimañjaṅgamastulasītaru: । kavitāmaññarī bhāti rāmabhramarabhūṣitā ॥

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