Aim and Vision

The main objective of the Vaidik theme is to preserve and promote the ancient Vaidik and Shastra amalgamated interminable culture and rituals which are almost extinct in the human life style now.

एक सही कदम सही लक्ष्य की ओर ।
सनातन संस्कार और संस्कृति की नयी भोर ॥

Human life is constantly tending towards animalism in the absence of our ancient yet timeless scriptural culture. When life is driven in an unyielding way, animalism itself materializes, but in a life guided by scriptures, humanity appears and adores the existence. Param Pujya Shri Karpatri ji Maharaj often used to say-

matayo yatra gacchanti tatra gacchanti vānarāāḥ । 
śāstrāṇi yatra gacchanti tatra gacchanti te narāāḥ ।।

In Shrimad Bhagwad Gita, such an arbitrary conduct of humans is said to be animal like-

pravṛttiṃ ca nivṛttiṃ ca janā na vidurāsurā: । 
( gītā 16/07 )

The Vaidik, Roman and Greek cultures are the oldest cultures of the living world. Roman and Greek cultures have either become endangered in parts or are residually surviving with changes over the period of time.
The Vaidik culture of the Indian Aryans is still thriving, because  the spiritual energy, self-determination and ability to make life easy for human society are only in the Vaidik Sanantan culture.  Hence, God Shiva himself says in Sutrasita-

sthāpayadhvamimaṃ mārgaṃ prayatnenāpi he dvijā:। sthāpite vaidike mārge sakalaṃ susthiraṃ bhavet॥
yaśca sthāpayituṃ śakto naiva kuryādvimohita: । tasya hantā na pāpīyāniti vedāntanirṇayaḥ ॥

( sūtasaṃhitā )

The right path leads us to the desired destination. From a spiritual and a modern scientific perspective, the Vaidik path paves the way for true welfare state for a blooming life. Owing to the above reason, a number of researchers across the globe (so far in Japan, Germany, America, London etc. and also The Scientific Research Center NASA) have been working and are still exploring the Vaidik-mythological texts. Despite the fact that Vedas and Puranas are a storehouse of divine knowledge, it can not be obtained without the Sadhguru. The logical question seems to spring up, how is it possible to use the knowledge of such an unapproachable science?

binu guru hoi ki gyāna gyāna ki hoi virāga binu। gāvahiṃ beda purāna sukha ki lahia hari bhagati binu ॥
kou viśrāma ki pāva tāta sahaja saṃtoṣa binu । calai ki jala binu nāva koṭi jatana paci paci maria ॥

( śrīrāmacaritamānasa u. kā. 89. so )

In the present era, without resorting to the inspiration from these valuable texts some of the most astute in the society, have attempted to malign the age old wisdom of these texts and spread unearthly intellectual terror in the peaceful society.

Vaidik Yatra

yadṛcchayā śruto mantraśchannenā’tha chalena vā ।
patreṇito vā vyathāāḥ syātpratyutānathāio bhavet ॥

( śruta prakāṇaśakā )

Considering the superiority of their piety there is an attempt to alter the scriptures and provide a manipulative interpretation of these divine and supreme text which is an iniquitous and demeaning tradition at the same time.

sāstre na yojayotkiṃncinnakiciṃtkhaṇḍayennaraḥ ।
hareḥ śarīra vaikalyājjāyate dharma saṃkṣayaḥ ॥

(govaṃśa mahimāmṛtam )

Therefore, in order to preserve and propagate the wisdom of Vedas and our holy scriptures, there is a conception of a beautiful Gurukul amidst a lush green and serene landscape with trees and flowers in full bloom. Such a tranquil milieu will house well ventilated dwellings for the students, a grand hall that with a capacity to hold 5000 thousand students at a time. The premise would be radiant and fragrant with the foliage of lemon, mango, burflower trees etc. planted intermittently. A well planned seating would be provided to the teachers who would be edifying the students on Vedas, Dharmashastra, Grammar, Law and Justice, Mimamsa, Yoga, Vedanta, Astrology, Rituals, Ayurveda, Dhanurveda, Gandharva Veda, Mantra Vidya, Chemistry, Botany, Geology, Astronomy, Politics and Economics etc.

Therefore, a Gurukul equipped with proper state-of-the-art equipment for research on Vedas and puraans using for instance sound waves, vibrations etc. is desirable. Also, it should aim to research continuously on astrology to look for it’s significance in human life and hence could make use of this wisdom to lead a happy life.

A ‘Yajnashala’ just next to the lab and a classroom alongside is conceived of. The core of the afore mentioned complex will be luminous with a temple of Shri Radhamadhav Yugal Vihari Ji. Adjacent to the garden would be a Gaushala (cow shed), and on the other side would be a planned residence for the teachers, a drug dispensary for free ayurvedic medicine would be edging it and the last fringe would be left as an open space with sand floors for the students to practice hindu push-ups, hindu squat, mace swinging etc.

nācaredyastu vedoktaṃ svayamajño’jitendriyaḥ ।
vikarmaṇā hyadharmeṇa mṛtyormṛtyumupaiti ॥

( śrīmadbhāgavata mahāpurāṇa )

The contemporary populate along with their language should get affluent in Sanskrit, the foundation most of the languages around us and accustomed to their cultural ensemble i.e., ​​of dhoti-kurta. People with such exemplary command over the popular language, Sanskrit and our culture could easily convey the knowledge treasured in our scriptures to the masses. Such universalizing of the knowledge that routes us through benevolence would help India reclaim its repute of Vishwa Guru.

The Gurukul also seeks for a premise with a hostel, library, study hall, sports club, Acharya Niwas, Gaushala, Yajna, and guest houses that could provide an experience of mental and physical well-being. Expanding the horizon of the divine experience, there is a conception of a beautiful temple of Shri Radhamadhav Yugal Vihari, which would be upwelling with spiritual energy and hence a site for transcendence to a higher state of bliss. This would be the first temple of it’s kind in India, with the concept of ‘Ek Prana, Do Deh’ (used for the epitome of true divine love, Radha and Madhav)

This goal will be realised soon with the blessings of Shri Yugalvihari, Blessings of Pujya Shri Dadguru Ji and the embodiment of God (all the people out there). Indeed, Vedas will gleam in all their glory and the pennon of Sanatan Dharma will flutter all across the orb which would signify a new dawn of eternal culture and sacraments. The purpose to tune into this abode is reaching the destination beyond which there is no avenue.

hai uddeśya nahīṃ isa patha kā śrānta bhavana meṃ ṭika jānā ।kiṃtu pahum̐canā usa maṃjila taka, jisake āge rāha nahīṃ ॥

Vaidik Sutra