The Vaidik Journey

Life is a journey;
From one’s existential being to a divine being and from the World to Self…

याति त्राति रक्षतीति वेदानुकूल वेदशास्त्र
सम्मत या यात्रा सा वैदिक यात्रा

yāti trāti rakṣatīti vedānukūla vedaśāstra
sammata yā yātrā sā vaidika yātrā

This is a journey to get the Almighty through Vaidik experiences and phenomena, the schema formulated by the Almighty himself. It manifests through the holy Vedas, compiled by the divine Sages and the Mystics, that paves the way to reaching ourselves, making this journey pleasant. But; Without the maestro, this journey is incomplete . It is the Guru who imparts the divine wisdom held in our scriptures, and helps it imbibe in to our daily lives, which ultimately delivers us through this world of mirages.

guru binu bhava nidhi tarai na koī ।
jauṃ biraṃci saṃkara sama hoī ।। (śrīrāmacaritamānasa 92.5 )

The journey led by the Guru is in its essence the “Vaidik Yatra”. That is a journey of arriving at the absolute truth. All other voyages seem unsubstantiated and illusionary. It is reinforced by Lord Shri Krishna himself in Shrimadbhagwadgita.

yaḥ śāstravidhimutsṛjya vartate kāmakārataḥ ।
na sa siddhimavāpnoti na sukhaṃ na parāṃ gatim‌ ॥ (śrīmadbhagavadgītā 16/23)

Those who do not go along the scriptures to satiate their desires and ambitions, do not attain perfection in their life, neither do they relish happiness nor do they forge ahead. The disbelievers neither thrive in this world and muddle up the other world too. Therefore, a life steered by the scriptures is to be sought after.

tasmācchāstraṃ pramāṇaṃ te kāryākāryavyavasthitau ।
jñātvā śāstravidhānoktaṃ karma kartumihārhasi ॥ (śrīmadbhagavadgītā 16/24)

Therefore, considering the Vaidik scriptures as reference of duty is expedient. Then come, experience this Vaidik journey, explore the Vaidik trail, channelized by the Guru. Let’s know how this Vaidik style, and experience the sumptuousness of this life conferred on us.

Vaidik Yatra


The interpretation of the basic principle of Vaidik Yatra is illustrated as follows

The interpretation of the basic principle of Vaidik yatra is illustrated as a tree, that symbolizes faith, and the profound branches thereby strengthening reverence and loyalty for a happy life symbolized as it’s lush foliages.

It is under this celebrated symbolism that the vedas are considered to be found placed right in front of it’s virtuoso Maharshi Vedvasam . The Vedas are the alleyway to trouble free human life. Indefault of a guru and misapprehensions of the Vedas, the popular publications of the Vedas and the Puranas, depict Lord Vedavas, overlooking the Vedas. It is indicative of the celebration of Lord Vedavas as a guru, that highlights the fact that it is not possible to understand the mysterious obscurities of life, nor the ultimate goal of life be attained without the Guru. The journey for achieving the ultimate goal of life is the Vaidik Yatra.

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