Sri Hanumat Charitra

Lord Shriram's unparalleledcelebrant, Shreehanumant Lal, is a Rudravatar, but; still the fore runner of the maestri of Das Bhakti. What is the era in which you had no drift, your influence prevails in all four ages.

यत्र यत्र रघुनाथकीर्तनम् तत्र तत्र कृतमस्तकाञ्जलिम् । वाष्पवारि परिपूर्णलोचनम् मारुतिं नमत राक्षसान्तकम् ।।

yatra yatra raghunāthakīrtanam tatra tatra kṛtamastakāñjalim ।
vāṣpavāri paripūrṇalocanam mārutiṃ namata rākṣasāntakam ।।

cāro jaga paratāpa tumhārā ।hai parasiddha jagata ujiyārā ॥ ( śrīhanumāna cālīsā )

You are a protagonist of the Indian epic Ramayana. Awadh along with Shri Rama and Maa Seeta are indebted to you. As per the Hindu mythology, Shrihanumant Lal is amongst the eight immortals. Shrihanuman ji incarnated with the sole purpose to assist Lord Shri Ram in his undertakings.

Your story is sacred and inspiring to your devotees. Besides the devotees Lord Ram himself ardours your legends. The best reciter of your stories is himself Mr. Jambwan.

Shrihanumant is the son of Rani Mata Anjana.

Shri Hanumant is the son of Rani Mata Anjana. He is believed to have three fathers. Being the incarnation of Lord Shiva, first and foremost he is the son to him. Kesari, the husband of Mata Anjana is considered his father on earth while Pawan Dev the third. Therefore, Shrihanumat Lal is called “Shankar Suvan Kesari Nandanan”.
It is supposed that the aura and verve of Lord Shiva was instituted in the womb of Mata Anjaana by Pawan Dev. Thus, Shrihanumant Lal being the son of all the three.

The glory of Shrihanumant Lal is never ending. There is a wonderful balance of wisdom and power in Shri Hanumant Lal. The story of Shri Hanumanji thus, is allegoric for the youth as it teaches to balance the passion and the perception of their fledging stage.

There are several texts of Shri Hanumant Lal, of which some are Shri Hanumanashtak, Shri Ram Charitmanas, Ramayana, Shrihanuman Chalisa etc.. Shrihanuman Chalisa is often committed to the memory of children and youth. The wonderful thing is that even being a condensed text the exaltation of Shrihanuman Chalisa, is divine. Nearly all the stories of Hanuman ji are often contained in Shri Hanuman Chalisa.

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