Sridevi Bhagwat

It is Shakti which creates, tends and destroys the creation. The essential core of the creation of the world by Brahma, nurturing by Lord Vishnu and the ultimate destruction by Shiva, is Shakti. Shakti has manifestations as mother, sister, wife etc. Shri Devi Bhagavat is a wonderful science unfolding the glory of power, and which numerous power-benches.

अष्टादशपुराणेषु व्यासस्य वचनद्धयम् ।
पपरोपकारः पुण्याय पापाय परपीड़नम् ।।

Ashtaadashapuraaneshu vyaasasy chhadmyam |
Paparopakaar: puny paapaay parapeedanam ||

There are 12 scans and 318 chapters. In the form of power, Durga was manifested in the form of manifestation and in what ways, God manifested the deeds of the devotees, with the description of all these, the beginning of Navaratri and beautiful description of Lord Divya’s Divinity also in goddess Bhagwat

The seekers who practice the Goddess are called Sahak. This book is a giggle of devotees.

Brahma Vishnu and Lord Shankar have also gone to ask for begging at the door of the right, right from the examination itself. But; Parama Jagadamba has not yet been asked to ask for begging at the door. When Adashankaracharya wanted to denounce Shakti, then Parama Jagadamba explained to him the importance of power. Throughout the so-called forgiveness psyche, the goddess Aadashankaracharya apologized for her apology.

In this divine book, the fullness of the power and the various psalms, armor, and mantras and system of the Goddess are also described for the accomplishment of various works. In particular, the statement of Sridevi Bhagwat’s novel is the story of the day.

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