What is Shrimad Bhagwat?

“Purana” means – which, despite being ancient remains new. "Pura api nava aati sattam" The Purana has 5 attributes. But Shrimad Bhagwat is not a Purana; it is a Mahapuraana, which bears 10 attributes and sets the light for the rest of the Puranas. It encloses the Gayatri Mahabhasya, which states the story of Demon; vrtraasur execution.

nigamakalpatarorgalitaṃ phalaṃ śukhamukhādamṛtadravasaṃyutam ।
pibata bhāgavataṃ rasamālayaṃ muhuraho rasikā bhuvi bhāvukāḥ ।।
( śrīmadbhāgavata 1/1/3 )


yatrādhikṣutra gāyatrīṃ varṇyate dharma vistara
vṛtrāsura vadhopetaṃ tadavai bhāgavataṃ viduḥ

Describing a prodigious lifestyle, this Mahapuraanhas become a crown jewel in Vaishnavas’ life. ShrimadBhagwat is the divine elucidate discourse of Lord Shri Krishna, the satiating elixir for the soul, saviour championing peace to the unsatisfied lives, or the energy facilitating the journey from self to the divine consciousness. There are 12 wings (Skandha), 335 chapters and 28000 verses.

It is also called ShrimadBhagwat or Bhagavatam alone, a great scripture of knowledge, devotion and serenity. Mahapuraan describes the incarnations of Lord Narayana. On the prayer of Shaunakadhi in Naimisharanya, the son of Lomaharshan, Ugrashrava Sootjee narrates the story of twenty-four incarnations of Lord Krishna. ShrimadBhagwat repeatedly described Shri Krishna’s divine, supernatural form.


What does Shrimad Bhagwat give us?

By mere reading and hearing, existence and liberation becomes affable. The devotee comes to an unshakeable devotion to Lord Krishna. There is no other means higher than this for purification and ablution of mind. As the wolf rushes away at a lion’s roar, all the failings of Kaliyuga are wiped out by the Bhagwat. Just the recitation of Bhagwatam the God lodges in to the hearts of the devotees, never to leave.

The unity of Shri Krishna and Shrimad Bhagwat

Katha: Once, Lord Krishna's friend Uddhavji, while asking Shri Krishna, says that Lord Shri Krishna! How are your devotees going to live on this earth when you go to your home? Whom are they going to worship? God answers Nirguna. Uddhav says worship of Nirguna is not easy, so Bhagwan! Think well about this.

Lord Krishna remembers the point of Uddhav as he departs for his heavenly abode, the verve of his divine body flows into the scripture of Shrimad Bhagavatam Mahapuraan and is considered to be the figurative manifestation of Lord Krishna. .
svakiiya.m yadbhavettejasatacca bhaagavatedadhaat |
tirodhaaya pravi.s.to'ya.m "sriimadbhaagavataar.navam ||
(padmapuraa.naantargata "sriimadbhaagavata maahaatmya 03/61 )


śrī bhāgavata bhagavān tuma, śrīkṛṣṇa ke avatāra ho śruti-vedaśāstra-purāṇa taru ke, sukhada phala rasa sāra ho jo bhagavata nita padhai, usako hradaya bhāva apāra ho śrīkṛṣṇa ke darśana mileṃ, aru bhāva se beḍā pāra ho

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