When in life should one start worshipping?

When in life should one start worshipping?

It is often seen or heard that one should pray/worship. It’s absolutely true, but then when should it be done? Often there is a misconception in the minds of the people that why does one have to pray young? Youth is the age of playing and earning. One is young, modern, busy, and many more excuses. Bhajan is to be done in old age, as there is no physical work, so sing hymns. It’s just like a favour that we are doing to God.
bacapana meṃ khelyā khāyā, javānī meṃ hala hām̐kyā ।buḍhaāpe meṃ mālā līnhīṃ, ṭhākurajī thārā bhī mana rākhyā ॥

Whosoever says to start bhajan in the older age, do they even know if they will be alive or not? With this thought, one simply wastes the beautiful human life given by God.The reality is that childhood is the most appropriate time to start worshipping. When a child is completely pure at heart, without duplicacy and is very clean.  At this time the child is surrounded by positive energy and when connects to the Almighty, then cannot go astray at any stage of life. Whatever shape is formed on the raw pot, it is printed. If hymns start happening from the beginning of childhood itself, then surely the image of God will be printed in his mind and his future life will be sparked.

How can people believe this, Do we have any evidence? Yes!!! The HOLY BOOKS are evidence. One always hears from Guru and saints about Dhruv, that he started worshipping at a very tender age. The character of these devotees should not only be heard but; their qualities should be implemented in life. There are many more, such as  Prahlad, Bhaktmati Meerabai etc.

Bhakt Prahlad has also described childhood as the right time to start worshipping.kaumāra ācaretprājña: dharmānbhāgavatāniha’Like when one wishes to gift something to a respectful person, he/she will try giving the best, or while offering flowers to an ordinary person also, one will give them fresh ones. Similarly, when one’s reverence is in God, why shouldn’t he/she offer them the freshest and most precious flower, which is childhood. So one should start to worship and recite from childhood itself.

Old age is a withered flower and can one ever give such flower to anyone. Such flowers always become garbage. The importance of starting to worship from childhood is that it can never wither away, rather; it will always be fed. This is only possible by the Grace of a Guru.

bhakta prahlaada-dhruva aura miiraa, carita yahii batalaate hai bhajana karo bacapana se prabhu kaa, saccii raaha dikhaate hai “sriisadguruu ‘anuraaga’ h.rdaya se, hamako yahii samajhaate hai “siitala’ khile hue pu.spa hii, prabhu ke mana ko bhaate hai

Vaidik Sutra