31 January
God offers salvation from the sufferings of the world

Intellectuals have learned from their experience, meditation and understanding that God is there in every material. He offers protection to the whole world. Because of him, the world exists. All beings are born of both him and die in him upon their demise. (Yajurveda 32/4) God is everywhere and He is the controller and operator

10 January
Walking on the path of Commitment and Goodwill

The ocean doesn’t need it, yet a lot of rivers join it. Likewise, vigorous men always have money. That is, a person who is diligent, honest, and hard-working, never lacks money. It has also been said, udyamena hi siddhayanti kāryāṇi na manaurathaiḥ । nahi suptasya sihasya praviśanti mukhe mṛgā’ That is, one can only achieve