Gopi-Uddhava dialogue

Shrimad Bhagwat offers a wonderful discussion of devotional interest in Dasam Skandh of Mahapuraan. The lewdness due to the pride of knowledge gets subtracted and mind is sanctified. Uddhavji also grasped the erudition of madhurya bhaav from the Gopis.

आसामहो चरणरेणुजुषामहं स्यां वृन्दावने किमपि गुल्मलतौषधीनाम् ।
या दूसत्यजं स्वजनमार्यपथं च हित्वा भेजुमर्मुकुन्दपदवीं श्रुतिभिर्विमृग्याम् ।
( श्रीमद्भागवत १०/ ४७/६१ )

This divine conversation of the Gopis and Uddhav renders the mind pure and mellow. It is a journey from the all powerful Brahma to the all loving and affectionate Lord.

When the Gopis came to know that Uddhav has come with the message of Lord Shri Krishna, they met him in solidarity and asked the well being of their Shyamsundar. Uddhav had some discussions of high intellect which converged with some deep wisdom on devotion that enriched the experience as well as the existing knowledge of Uddhav.

In the middle of this Gopi Uddhav dialogue, a bee appears and begins to roam around the feet of Radha Rani, from which a song is believed to be originated which has been named as the Bhramrageet.

Many scholars believe that the bee is no one but; God Shyam Sundar himself.

Uddhav stayed in Braj for many months. Before leaving he asked that if he is born again he wishes to be born as a flora in Braj so that he could always lay in the soils where the Gopis ever lived.

Filled with these divine expressions of the Gopis, Uddhav goes to Lord Shri Krishna. Just listening to this Divine dialogue, the purified heart pounds with affection for the God. The greatest education of Gopi-Uddhav Dialogue is that knowledge that is free of pride and soaked in devotion is the only source that delivers from evil and leads us much nearer to God.

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