Vaidik Yatra

A Divine Journey of the soul, from the World to Self. . .

याति त्राति रक्षतीति वेदानुकूल वेदशास्त्र सम्मत या यात्रा सा वैदिक यात्रा

yāti trāti rakṣatīti vedānukūla vedaśāstra sammata yā yātrā sā vaidika yātrā

Yatra -(Yati Trati Rakshatti Yatra) is the journey to achieve the ultimate goal. It is essential to give a thought to what is the supreme benefit and the ultimate goal of human birth? The zenith of human birth is that at the end of time one should have the remembrance of the Almighty- 

janmalābhaḥ paraḥ puṃsāmante nārāyaṇasmṛtiḥ
(śrīmadbhāgavatamahāpurāṇa 02/01/06)

The saying seems very simple when heard and said, but it is equally difficult to implement. The words of Goswami Sripulasidas Ji are –

janma janma muni jatanu karāhīṃ। aṃta rāma kahi āvata nāhīṃ ॥
(śrīrāmacaritamānasa, kiṣkiṃdhākāṃḍa 09/03)

How to achieve this ultimate goal and the ultimate goal of human life?  One thing here is clearly understood that it is impossible without following the path guided by the Vedas. The means of attaining the Almighty is by following a divine journey through Vaidik experience and congnitions, which has been created by Almighty God himself. The same God paves the way to reaching self through the sacred Vedas compiled by the Sage-Munis, making this journey pleasant. But;  this journey is incomplete without the Guru, because the Guru teaches the heart of Vedashastras easily, which makes the man easily transcend this world. 

Therefore, the journey under the guidance of Guru through Vedashastras is the ‘Vaidik Yatra’, which is the only journey to absolute truth. All other travel is baseless and imaginary. The family of pilgrims and pilgrims walking on the path of this Vaidik tour is the Vaidik Yatra family, headed by God himself.  In this family, the inspiration is to follow the scriptural path. Because those people who do not follow the written commands in the scriptures to fulfill their desires and ambitions, they do not achieve perfection in their life, neither do they enjoy happiness, that is, they do not get groomed for a complete life. Lord Shri Krishna confirms this in the ShrimadBhagwat Gita .

yaḥ śāstravidhimutsṛjya vartate kāmakārataḥ ।
na sa siddhimavāpnoti na sukhaṃ na parāṃ gatim ।। (śrīmadbhagavadgītā 16/23)

Considering the evidence of the scriptures as the basis, one shoulf follow it Judiciously. This is the foundation of this Vaidik Yatra family.

tasmācchāstraṃ pramāṇaṃ te kāryākāryavyavasthitau ।
jñātvā śāstravidhānoktaṃ karma kartumihārhasi ।। (śrīmadbhagavadgītā 16/24)


A human being always has to take the decision of duty, considering the scriptures as evidence. So come, understand this wonderful style of living life, explore the Vaidik trail, through Vaidik Yatra channelized by Gurukripa and make this life divine by achieving the ultimate benefit and ultimate goal of human birth.

In the ‘Vaidik-Yatra’ family, there are two projects: Self-Contemplation Session and Sevak Sangh. The self-contemplation sessions are self serving, which is meant for the recitals of Sundarkand and other holy scripture’s singing, listening, scripting, etc. leading to discussions and debates that helps to decide and illuminate the path of humanity.  Sevak Sangh is an endeavour to serve the underprivileged by providing them food, education and jobs.  This is to look for an avenue that syncs well with the service to humankind. There are some guidelines for the members (Vaidik Pathik) of the ‘Vaidik Yatra’ family.

Vaidik Yatra

“Let's now head the city, which is named the city of love
Where there is no reverence nor humiliation, and the minds are frenzy.”

  • The Vaidik Pathik is supposed to be respectful and dutiful to their elders.
  • The Vaidik Pathik is supposed to study the Holy Scriptures daily along with  some self contemplation.
  • Vaidik Pathik will accept any food items or apparel only after offering it to the Lord.
  • Vaidik Pathik is supposed to amidst the natural environment for at least 1-2 hours everyday in the form of morning or evening walks.
  • In case of mood swings recitations of Shrimad Bhagwat Gita, Bhagwat Mahapuran and other enlightening texts is beneficial to pacify the turbulence.  
  • Vaidik Pathik will surely have to share and discuss the teachings from Sunder Kand or Sankatmochan, Hanuman Chalisa etc with the people around them once or twice every month. This facilitates shared goodwill and mutual love for each other. This serves to reduce social distances and upturns a sense of belonging.
    By incorporating some simple yet life changing exercises like these, expose  oneself to ultimate bliss. Become a member of the ‘Vaidik Yatra’ family and get related to such a trance.
Vaidik Sutra