20 November
Vedas are the main and most important judge of virtue

The Vedas say that if a human being is proficient in the entire Vedas, but if he lacks in morality, then the Vedas will not protect him. The Vedas, as it is, abandon the vicious human beings in the same way as the all powerful new born birds abandon their nest. The ancient sages have

9 August
The Creator of Shri Ramcharit Manas: Goswami Shri Tulsidas

God (Brahma, the ultimate supreme) and spirit exist in a unique relationship. They are never separated nor will they ever be. The spirit is embodied in various physical forms, objects that are movable and immovable, such as birds and animals, plants and trees, inland and mountains, rivers and valleys, all of which are governed by

22 July
When in life should one start worshipping?

It is often seen or heard that one should pray/worship. It’s absolutely true, but then when should it be done? Often there is a misconception in the minds of the people that why does one have to pray young? Youth is the age of playing and earning. One is young, modern, busy, and many more

6 April
Enlightenment, Essence of human life

Achieving enlightenment is the fundamental goal of human life. When did this world come into being? What is the primary cause of the substance? What is the connection between muscle and bone, flesh and blood, and so on, and how is the spirit separate from all this? Man must have knowledge of all this. (Rigveda

Vaidik Sutra