The birth anniversary

We await our birth anniversary each year, the day arrives and passes away like the rest of the days of the year. It is not the birthday which is important, rather; What is important is, what we earn and lose with each passing birthday.

जन्म-उत्सव को अपने, 'अनुराग' से ऐसा मनाओ।
अपनी सनातन-संस्कृति को, लुप्त होने से बचाओ।।

janma-utsava ko apane, 'anurāga' se aisā manāo।
apanī sanātana-saṃskṛti ko, lupta hone se bacāo।।

Every year, our age increases numerically, but actually we are losing years from our life span. The trend to ape the west while dispensing with the exaltation of Asht Sants is dominant. Celebrating it by cutting cake a and extinguishing candles, we are moving towardsimbibing thedarkness rather than light for the upcoming years. This has never been a tradition in our culture. Therefore, why not tune our birthday celebration to promoteour splendid culture, and hence preserve it for the upcoming generations.

For a person’s birth anniversary or of loved ones, the Vaidik Yatra Gurukul family, Vrindavan organizes the ritualistic recitals of Sri Vishnu Sahastranama, The thousand names of Vishnu (21 recitals), Shree Narayan Kavach (21 recitals), Sri Ram Raksha strotum – (21 recitations), Shri Hanuman Chalisa (111 recitals), Shri Sankatmochan (11 recitations) by 11 BrahmachariRishikumars of Gurukul, for the prosperity and longevity of dear ones.

The reverberation of the recitation seems to be reaching directly to the seats of Shri Banke-Bihari. Besides this, the person is sent a video via Whatsapp or emailwhere the Rishikumars seek blessings for their recitation of the Vaidik mantras and sanctifying the receiver. Bearing in mind the mythological and cultural significance of the day, be sure to serve the Gaumata in Braj, as per one’s wish and will.

So let’s conserve our culture and rituals and make our coming generations an heir to interminable culture and wisdom.

Come let’s revel the moments lived well with many more to come in our delightful traditional forms.

So let’s save our culture and rituals and also make our next generation an heir to eternal culture. Celebrate the your birth anniversary with thth ancient mystical tradition


Single recitals- Rs. 3100 only/-

Along with the recitation(Paath), sweets for the Rishikumars of Gurukul and serving jaggery to Gau mata – Rs. 5100 only/-

Poojan and paath (Recital worship), Prasad for the Rishikumars of Gurukul and the service of jaggery to Gau mata- Rs. 11000 only/-

Poojan and paath (Recital worship), Maha Prasad for the Rishikumars of Gurukul and the service of jaggery to Gau mata- Rs. 21000 only/-

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