'Vedas: Shiva: Shiva Vedas:' Vedas are Shiva and Shiva is Veda. Veda are Narayan's manifestation is revealed as follows: - 'Vedo Narayan: Sakshatit Self-Pratishthi Shushruam'.

लोकाभिरामं रणरंगधीरं राजीवनेत्रं रघुवंशनाथम् ।
कारुण्यरूपं करुणाकरं तं श्रीरामचन्द्रं शरणं प्रपद्ये ॥

Lōkābhirāmaṁ raṇaraṅgadhīraṁ rājīvanētraṁ raghuvanśanātham.
Kāruṇyarūpaṁ karuṇākaraṁ taṁ śrīrāmacandraṁ śaraṇaṁ prapadyē.

Congruently the Vedas have been considered enervation of God. That is why there is an unparalleled glory of the Vedas in Indian culture. Just as God is eternal – unrivalled, so are the Vedas. in the perpetual world. And So Lord Shiva is worshipped with the hymns of the Vedas, and chanting along with Abhishek and yajnas.

Shiva and Rudra are synonymous. Siva itself is called ‘Rudra’, for
“Rutam-dukham, Darvaayati-Nashayatirudrudra:”

That which destroys all sorrows, is the Rudra.

According to our scriptures, our sorrows are the consequences of our misdeeds. Rudracharna and Rudrabhishek rescinds our misdeeds and consequently our adversities. Hence, Shiva is born in the seeker, he is blessed by Lord Shiva, and all his desires are furnished. It is said that worshiping only and only The Sadashiva Rudra equates to the worship of the entire divine commune.

Rudrabhishek is the most effective way to gratify Lord Shiva. Rudrabhishek in Shravan month or Shivratri, is the scared of all the prayers and rituals. For our well being and prosperity, it should be done with all gratitude or sincerity for God Sada Shiva.

Purpose of Rudrabhishek

If a person desires spiritual progress or liberation and alleviation from difficulties, he should opt for Rudrabhishek. It is credited to shield people against the ill clouts of saturn. Rudrabhishek fetches, prosperity, happiness, wealth, and success to the family.

Rudrabhishek Text and Chanting

Best Range

Worship: Gauri-Ganesh, Varun Kalash Poojan, Punanahavachan, Nandi-Shraddha and Jivan MantraRs​_ chanting, Shodashamatruka, Saptghrathamatruka, Vaastu, Area Pillar and Poojan, Navagraha Mandal, Unnatural Rudrachalas and Dvashalilggotabhadra Peeth Produce and Poojan, Brahman Poojan etc.

Rudrabhishek: 11000/- According to the construction and desire of the earthly Shivling, the number of super-rudrishhis (specific 1331 epochs of Ekadashi Rudri) from the special material is Havan-Purnahuti and Shreyodan.

Brahmin number – 11 wpm
Rite Day Number – 121 Days
Total Expenses –
1100000/- Rs 

Medium range

Worship: Gauri Ganesh, Varun Kalash Poojan, Punanehchan, Nandi Shraddha, Jeevan Mantra, Shodashamatruka, Saptghaatmaatrakaa and Poojan, Navagraha Mandal Bangto Bhadram Mandal and Poojan.

Rudrabhishek: 1100/ – For the construction and construction of Parthiv Shivling, Maharudrabhishek (121 Frequency of Ekadashi Rudri), Havan-Purnahuti and Shreyodan.

Brahmin number – 11 wpm
Rite Day Number – 11 Days
Total expenditure – 251000/-  Rs

General Category

Worship: Establishment of Gauri-Ganesh and Varun Kalash and Shivparivar Poojan.

Rudrabhishek: Srimadra Abhishek (11 lessons of Ekadashi) 108 Parthiv Shivling building and worship Havan-Purnahuti and Shreyodan

Brahmin number – 11 wpm
Rite Day Number – 01 Days
Total Expenses – 71000/- Rs

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