Theist Atheist

Theist Atheist

We are putting a deep thought in front of you in a simple style, please pay attention to it once.

Even the biggest atheist (one who does not believe in God) ultimately proves to be a theist (one who believes in God). This sentence looks impossible in itself, but it will become clear after discussion. Please focus on the following facts.

No matter how big an atheist someone is, he is always afraid of his absence, that is, he never wants to be destroyed and the living form of this feeling of ‘always being present’ is called ‘Sat’.

No matter how big a theist someone may be, omniscience means the desire to know everything is always present in him. Let us realise a certain element, now we have an understanding of a certain element, there is a desire to know all the subjects/elements like history, geography, astronomy etc. This feeling of ultimate realization should be considered as ‘Chid’.

No matter how big an atheist one maybe, he is always anxious for happiness. All the efforts and movements of the body, senses, mind, intellect, ego etc. of the living being, all are for pleasure.

Someone’s love for his wife, his son etc. is only there till they are favorable to them, as soon as they are unfavourable, this love becomes unfavorable, the reason for this is that happiness and joy is dear to every living being.

Now, consider a philosophical principle here – ‘A part always attracts its other part’. For example, water always flows generally downwards because the main source of water is present below the ocean, while the flame of a lamp always burns upwards because the main source of light in the sky is the sun.

In every living being, the anxiety of searching for Sat, Chid, Anand remains waiting. In reality, that distraction is the search for God. Because in the scriptures only God has been called Sat Chid Anand i.e. Sachchidanand Swaroop.

The theist searches for God knowing this secret and the atheist without knowing this secret… But, the day the atheist will know the fact that what he is searching for is God, from that day he can’t live without being a believer.

When a small child is thirsty and he does not know that drinking which will quench his thirst,is water, Would you say “son , will you drink water ?’’ He will refuse because he is actually not aware of the fact that the drink that will quench his thirst is water. In the same way, the day an atheist person understands this deep secret that he is a part of the immortal-imperishable form of God, and that’s why he wants to become immortal. That he (Anand-Sindhu Sukh Rashi) is a part of God, therefore his attraction is always towards joy and happiness. He has the feeling of being omniscient, because he is a part of the omniscient God.

Here only this much has to be said that the day a person firmly believes that he is part and parcel of God and that is the reason why he wants to be immortal (Sat), omniscient (chid) and attain eternal bliss. And all these are the form of God. So it proves that the living entity, being a part of God, is desiring only God in principle. Just from that day onwards, that person will start having the experience of being a complete theist.

Vaidik Sutra