Shree Shiv Mahapuran

The discussion of Lord Shiva unique wonderful divine stories is the Sri Shiva Purana. It is this divine story that found its appearance by the voice of Lord Shiva. This story of Lord Shishamb Sadashiv, is a garniture of the Shaivas.

हस्तेक्षमाला हृदि कृष्ण तत्त्वं जिह्वाग्रभागे वर कृष्ण मन्त्रम्।
यन्मस्तके केशवपादतीर्थं ।
शिवं महाभागवतं नमामि ॥

hastekṣamālā hṛdi kṛṣṇa tattvaṃ jihvāgrabhāge vara kṛṣṇa mantram ।
yanmastake keśavapādatīrthaṃ ।
śivaṃ mahābhāgavataṃ namāmi ॥

Divine description of Shiva-Bhakti and Shiva-Mahima has been described in this Puran. This book is specially auspicious with knowledge and devotion and karma at its core. Often in all the Puranas, Shiva is said to be a epitome of renunciation, asceticism, love and mercy.

It also describes the eight (Ashta) idols of Shiva. It, also describes the wonderful glory of Rudraksh, Belpatar, Bhasadhi. The origin of the days and description of the gods associated with them along with the months can also been found in Shree Shiv Purana.

The costumes of Shiva ji give a sense of ‘life’ and ‘death’. The Ganges and the Moon on the head symbolize life. The incineration of the pyre on the body symbolizes death. This life, like the currents of the Ganges, finally gets absorbed in the ocean of salvation.

Sadashiv is the Jyotirlinga which hasn’t been created nor can be destroyed, that is untouched by time and age, but is still immortal.

Shree Shiva Purana tells us that the world is governed by nature and man that symbolizes Shakti and Shiva. So it is not only Shiva, but also; Shakti that finds majestic description in the Shiv Purana. Along with the glory of Dwashash Jyotirlinga and the glory of Shiva devotees also finds description in Shiva Purana

What does Shiva Purana teach us ?

The man becomes free from the bondage of birth and death and in the end dwells in the ultimate ShivaDham, and Shiva Gan becomes the order. Better to say the person mingles into Shiva and takes forms.

This Puran mentions 24000 verses and eight texts, (Samhita) that delivers salvation. These textx are: Vidyeshwar Samhita, Rudra Samhita, Shatrudra Samhita, Kotirudra Samhita, Uma Samhita, Kailash Samhita, Vaayviya Code.

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