Vaidik Yatra Gurukul

Gurukul education is the only medium, which plays a special role in the preservation and promotion of culture. The light of religion, comes with the development of a human being,

याति त्राति रक्षतीति वेदानुकूल वेदशास्त्र सम्मत
या यात्रा सा वैदिक यात्रा

yāti trāti rakṣatīti vedānukūla vedaśāstra sammata yā yātrā sā vaidika yātrā

Vaidik Yatra Gurukul is a project that is based on the principles of Vedas.

Indiahas lost a lot in the past years,because of which culture has become directionless. Together we have lost humanity, with the change in meaning of love, harmony, socialism, clothing, living and eating habits and much more. Earlier, life was based on the Vedas and Vaidik monasteries, today it is dependent on instruments only.

If the instruments are properly used it is justifiable, but; the misuse is particularly affecting the human life style.

In view of all these circumstances, Vaidik Yatra Gurukul has taken the initiative in Sridham Vrindavan from 2002 to 2011, to protect VaidikSanatan Dharma. VaidikYatra by Bhagwat SevaSanstha(Reg.) is giving its service in spiritual education by the name of Gurukul.


As a part of this campaign Vaidik Yatra Gurukul has come with a seven year course

comprising of an intensive study of Vedas, Astrology, Grammar, Law, Philosophy, Computer Science, Music and Language to create personalities in the form of protector of Vaidik Sanatan Dharma. Besides this, there is a provision for Sports such as Cricket, Badminton and Chess etc. for entertainment with karmas and Karate, Katha, non-knife etc. four days in a month,the Ashtami (Krishna and Shuklpakshak) of Ramayana, Mahabharata, etc., are screened on the projectors. Thereby, facilitating the students to get a hold of literary, social, political and scientific information.

Currently 7 teachers are providing services in the Gurukul. But, for all the aforesaid services the present Gurukul campus is getting undersized, for which , a plot has been secured in Sridhamvandavan itself. The campus will be a home to students who would be educated as per the Aryarishi Guru Parampara in amalgamation with a scientific approach. Let’s collaborate and provide backing to this holy initiative with all our potential, to expedite the preservation and enrichment of Sanatan Arsh texts and further ensure the re-establishment of the eternal rites and culture in human society.

Gurukul's Routine:

In the morning: It starts from 4 o'clock till 10 o'clock.

4:00 am – wake up
4:00 – 5:00 – bath 5:00 – 5:45 evening
5:50 – 6:20 – Yoga
7:00 – Arti
7:30 – snack

After breakfast, fixed classes are assigned to each student.

Studies, sports, judo-karate, music etc. are done in the evening. Afterward, after the study of the senses and the art, re-study and rest are done.

For the applicants

The age of the applicants should be 11 to 13 years for admission in Vaidik Yatra Gurukul.

Prior to admission, each candidate has to appear for a written examination and oral examination alongside a horoscope examination. Some authentic documents of the student and parents (Aadhaar card, PAN card etc.) will be required. After everything is found to be appropriate and after the acceptance of all the rules by the entrants and parents and later afte the decision of the Gurukul authority, the admission of the child will be confirmed. All students are supposed to comply with the prescribed rules of Gurukul.

Support Education

Support one-year therapeutic pedagogy of a child unable to read in our Gurukul.

Support the education of the financially deprived children studying in Gurukul for a year, which is in the form supporting a therapeutic pedagogy. Attend to the Rishikumar’s one-year fee, uniform, accommodation and food so that he can be the one who can rear the privilege of Vaidik education. With your active contribution, it will be a great help for Vaidik Yatra in ascertaining a promising future to the Rishikumars of the Gurukul. Your backing will ensure development of the Rishikumars with scientific disposition and strength of character that would make India regain and revive its standing as a world virtuoso.



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