9 August
What is Sacred, is spiritual!

O God! Help foster devotion and dedication in my heart. Bless me with a healthy and happy life. Make me holy within and beyond. (Atharva Veda 6/19/2) Humans should attempt to stay sacred and pure through and through. It is one’s goodness that harbours happiness. Virtuousness holds peace of mind, composure, prestige and truth.Consciousness, awareness,

8 August
Enjoy longevity adhering to an apt diet and conduct

God has provided everyone in this world with a prospect for longevity. But men in this day and age are impairing it with an improper diet. Adhering to discipline, to live our full span of life is the foremost duty of all. (Rigveda 10/18/6) This would be an achievement unmatched to stay healthy, stay benefiting