Follow the Path of Superiority

Follow the Path of Superiority

Actions, both good and bad, are done only by human beings. For humans; failure means ignorance. One has to gain self-power in order to achieve excellence. It is only possible to move on the right path when humans give up unethical doings. (Atharvaveda 2/11/1).

Mind moves quickly towards earthly matters but; it should be separated from the desires of the world. If it can be controlled once, it will be calm and peaceful. Our mind does not run after the senses as long as it is possible to get the mind back from the outside world. When the mind is completely separated from the outside world, the ultimate goal will be achieved.

Is it possible to completely isolate the mind from the outside world? Although ordinary people have to live in the real world, how can people remain completely restrained from this world? There is a distinction between an ordinary person and a person with profound knowledge.

While performing worldly duties, the wise person does not get entangled in the lure of the world. Ordinary people cannot easily get rid of the worldly pleasures. Here, there, everywhere, their senses are seeking for pleasure in this forest of darkness, they are not only rounded with this lust and greed but they also live in it, there is no end of this physical world in human mind and hence it is lost in satisfying it’s senses. The existence of the physical world is not the end of human life. What can it mean, then, to leave the outside world? It means giving up your ignorance and becoming knowledgeable. A knowledgeable person has self-realization, even though one lives in the physical world, which can affect one’s mind; but with the help of the prudent sword of one’s truth, one can deny the senses of temptation.

One must take special care of their senses and direct them in the right way. There are already many impure tendencies within oneself, one must destroy them and oppose them with good tendencies. Only good habits should be adapted from the outside world. Some people think their mannerisms are not good, and their mind is only attracted to impure tendencies. But their belief is wrong, it is just a symbol of their ignorance and weakness. Mistakes are made by humans, and they have the power to rectify them. God has given everyone immense power to get rid of one’s bad habits. If one really wants to get rid of, and strive for, removing their bad qualities, then nothing is impossible.

It is true that the habit is one’s second nature, but there is an even greater reality that makes it ineffective. If habits are second nature, everyone has the first nature, the original divine nature. If one embraces pure thoughts only because of physical impulses, it is true that by nature one is a deity, and divinity is one’s birthright. By resorting to the right ideas and overcoming one’s bad habits, this optimistic thought should be fostered.

Vaidik Sutra